Virginia & DC

DC, Jan. 2013


Tail in DC


Castor canadensis - National Zoo, Washington DC, Jan.8,2013


Eager Beaver





"One of the most discussed objects is a recently discovered fragment of a member of the horse family.

Fine markings around the muzzle and shoulder hint at an early bridle. Some archaeologists have dated it to

approximately 7000 BCE and have proposed that the domestication of the horse may have occurred far earlier than

3500 BCE in Central Asia. Considerably more research is needed, however, to determine the date of this intriguing find". 


from : Roads of Arabia: Archaeology and History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Smithsonian, Sackler Gallery


Washington Mall, Smithsonian Jan.8, 2013


Krispy Kreme, Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. Jan.9.,2013



Perry’s Victory on Lake Erie.  Thomas Birch (1779–1851) Oil on canvas, c. 1814



 1812: A Nation Emerges (

National Portrait Gallery

Old Ironsides



La Casa Blanca, Washington DC., Jan. 9, 2013




Konoka, Konone & Jack (photo right by H.Parag), Washington DC, Jan.10,2013




John Ward of Hull (British, 1798-1849). The Northern Whale Fishery: The "Swan" and "Isabella". c.1840.

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Jan.11, 2013





DC, Jan. 2012


In the Museum of Natural History I learned that we share 80% of our genes with mice.

At the Mall I shared a pretzel with one (but not 80% of it).



Young urban naturalists


Urban natural history




Virginia & DC - November  2011



Being tired of the 21century we took a time-machine trip to

the Virginia Colony.


James Island prior 1600


Jamestown before Jamestown (prior 1607)

                                                                                                       (note the Viking!)

Jamestown shortly after 1607


Williamsburg, mid 1700s (self portrait)




Us at the Yorktown siege (1781)





















































 Me-self at the Smithsonian (2011) devolving after being exposed too long

to the 'Human Origins' exhibition.



under construction ....










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