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W Transect Lhasa-Shigatse  June 7-8




Places visited

7-Jun Water burial site, Zangpo Jiang 29°19'37.51"N  90°41'8.92"E 11814
  Kampa La (above Yomdrok Tso lake)  29°11'38.84"N  90°37'1.02"E 15778
  Nagarze lunch stop  28°58'0.67"N  90°23'47.43"E 14676
  Karo Pass    28°53'54.74"N  90° 9'50.25"E 16356
  Tashilunpo Monastery  29°16'9.33"N  88°52'6.83"E 12772
  Hotel in Shigatse  29°15'36.73"N  88°53'24.25"E 12602
8-Jun Pala Manor  28°54'11.25"N  89°34'25.67"E 13199
  ruined castle  28°56'47.78"N  89°32'20.66"E 13220
  Gyantse Dzong (fortress)  28°54'55.85"N  89°36'1.44"E 13190
  Karo Pass   see above    
  Yomdrok Tso lake shore with Geese  28°59'42.43"N  90°23'40.16"E 14586
  below Kampa La (flowers) see above    
  Lhasa at night  29°39'14.98"N  91° 6'57.83"E 11983



                                                                                Water burial site at Yarlung River


                                                                View of Yomdrok Tso (lake) from Kampa LA  (pass)



Androsace tapete, Primulaceae




Oreosolen wattii, Scrophulariaceae 




Hume's Groundpecker  or now Ground Tit        褐背地山雀

Small bird - long taxonomic story: this tiny, agile denizen of the alpine tundra was for  along time considered to be a diminutive ground jay, until molecular data now suggests that it is actual closer to tits and chickadees.  I would prefer to see it as a less-than sparrow-sized, pygmy raven but who is going to argue with the genetic code?




Hill Pigeon 岩鸽


Hong is going native


Yomdrok Tso (lake)




Blue Sheep/Bharal (Pseudois nayaur) near KaroLa (pass)








Karola Pass


Karola glacier




高山岭雀 Brandt’s Mountain Finch                                 鸲岩鹨 Robin Accentor



褐翅雪雀 Tibetan Snowfinch





The fearsome Tibetan mastiff



Tashilunpo Monastery in Shigatse







                       The four harmonious brothers                           Hybrid (Fusion) animals: Fish-otter, Makara (water monster)-Snail,

                                                                                                        and Garuda (bird) -Lion








                                    戴胜    Common Hoopoe                                                                    山斑鸠 Oriental Turtle Dove                    




Ancient castle castle at Sala (NW of Gyantse)



Gyantse Dzong (fortress)






Pala Manor





The ubiquitous European Tree Sparrow (photo Xao Min)

麻雀 at Pala Manor









                                                                            Yomdrok Tso near Nargaze



                                                            斑头雁 Bar-headed Goose




                             蒙古沙鸻 Lesser Sand Plover (Mongolian Plover)          凤头䴙䴘 Great Crested Grebe




The holy Yomdrok Tso



赤麻鸭 Ruddy Shelduck



                                                                Francis Younghusband

                                                   in Tibet, 1903 (The British Library)


   Incarvillea younghusbandii Sprague

       Bignoniaceae    near Kampa La
















 Lhasa at night



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