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East Transect Lhasa-Nyingchi June 5-6



Places visited


5-Jun Lhasa river, W of Lhasa     elevation (feet)
  Birthplace of Song Zang Gampo  2948'20.66"N  9139'21.47"E 12438
  Rutok Hot Springs      
  Mila Pass, 5000m  2949'50.11"N  9220'28.99"E 16460
  Rock in Niyang River  2959'7.20"N  93 5'45.37"E 11609
  Waterfall at GaDingFo  2945'2.79"N  9410'14.54"E 10559
  BiRiShenShan (Nature Museum)  2939'19.14"N  9422'51.73"E 10549
  Nyingchi (Lintse), hotel  2939'0.41"N  9421'52.77"E 9821
6-Jun Nyang river West of Linze (Minivet)  2942'41.95"N  9419'32.63"E 9892
  Stop at Buddhist temple  2950'20.44"N  9343'4.18"E 12148
  Hanging bridge at Niyang River  2953'44.57"N  9334'12.05"E 12429
  Nomad tent  2952'41.02"N  9220'4.66"E 15254
  Mila Pass   see above    
  Lhasa Ag station  2940'36.39"N  9120'39.94"E 12116



                                                                                                                Lhasa River











        Mila Pass



                                                                    棕颈雪雀 Rufous-necked Snowfinch


                                                                                                        Mila Pass


           East of the Mila Pass: first trees (junipers etc.) on the northern slope


Niyang River






 Ga Ding Fo waterfalls



 Ga Ding Fo waterfalls




                    灰腹噪鹛     Brown-cheeked Laughingthrush



   Rhododenron spec.                                                                   Captive Tibetan Macaque (Macaca thibetana)



Yartsa gunbu on sale in the gift shop of the nature museum at Birishen Shan.  This is actually a caterpillar fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) that is parasitoid on larva of ghost moths (genus Thitrarodes).  This "association" has Tibetan and Chinese medicinal  value and is expensive ($1000-4000/lbs).


Here is a great website on the topic:







Garland chrysanthemum (or edible chrysanthemum - Chrysanthemum coronarium )

hao zi gan, tong ho, tong ho choi, chong ho



白颈鸫 White-collared Blackbird in Nyinghi



Forested slope (south facing) 80 km west of Nyinghi (Lintse)



黑喉红尾鸲 Hodgson's Redstart






                                                                                                                                        Our guide Awang reenacting an unknown movie


Chinese super diet: rice and Redbull



                                                                                                                    careful here!


Stellera chamaejasme  Thymelaeaceae  狼毒                                         Gentianaceae


            Nomad tent close to Mila Pass




                                                                                                2x Primula spec.



There are currently 30 species of Pika in the world (all in the genus Ochotona, there are 25 fossil genera), China is home to 24 of them (North America has 2!). Most look pretty similar and my guess is that these are Plateau Pikas (Ochotona curzoniae Hodgson,1858). 




baby Pika                                                                                                not a Pika (note the tail): a vole or hamster??




Polygnum spec.                                                                                                                                    Lamiophlomis cf. spec.



       白腰雪雀    White-rumped Snowfinch                                棕颈雪雀 Rufous-necked Snowfinch





                        黄嘴朱顶雀 Twite


Yangjian at the CAS Lhasa Agricultural Station



Tibetan restaurant                                                                                         Finally Tsampa




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