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North Trip to Damchung June 9





Difficult road and pasture conditions: a June blizzard





                                            Don't miss the bus: downtown Damchung




The gang at the Damchung Grassland Experimental Station:  Rick Lathrop, Yangjian Zhang, Yours truely, Hong Qian

(photo Xao Min)



Pikas (see E transect)











        高山兀鹫 Himalayan Vulture                            渡鸦 Common Raven






Nyainqêntanglha Peak (7162m)










As our guide Awal pointed out: feeding harmony (domesticated ungulates united)


                                                                            The Lalu urban wetlands in Lhasa



灰背伯劳 Grey-backed Shrike                                                骨顶鸡 Common Coot



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