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                                  棕头鸥 Brown-headed Gull                     乌鸫 Common Blackbird, but now already split into Tibetan Blackbird (?)





                            灰背伯劳 Grey-backed Shrike                                   细嘴短趾百灵 Hume’s Short-toed Lark  at Lhasa River                  

                            Park near Portala













The 10th Pachen Lama




          白鹡鸰 White Wagtail at Lhasa River







The famous staple: Tsampa (here the chocolate chip kind!) and butter tea




  Another staple, also cereal based




Staff meeting at Dicos



Western part of Lhasa - quite western indeed






The Barkhor circuit



The Barkhor circuit










On the roof of the Jokhang


Cat (Mao) and Mao's writing


Butter sales


The outside of the Jokhang (holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple)







view to the Portala from the Jokhang roof



Going home to Beijing





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