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                                                                List of Observed Birds in Tibet here (more to come):



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Train ride from

Beijing to Lhasa 

June 1-3



June 4 & 10

East Transect

to Nyingchi

June 5-6

West Transect

to Shigatse

June 7-8

Trip to N Damchung

June 9



Places visited in Tibet      
Date         elevation
4-Jun Lhasa river Hotel, Lhasa  29°38'42.39"N  91° 6'35.87"E 11972
  Portala park  area, Lhasa  29°39'14.98"N  91° 6'57.83"E 11983
5-Jun Lhasa river, W of Lhasa      
  Birthplace of Song Zang Gampo  29°48'20.66"N  91°39'21.47"E 12438
  Rutok Hot Springs      
  Mila Pass, 5000m  29°49'50.11"N  92°20'28.99"E 16460
  Rock in Niyang River  29°59'7.20"N  93° 5'45.37"E 11609
  Waterfall at GaDingFo  29°45'2.79"N  94°10'14.54"E 10559
  BiRiShenShan (Nature Museum)  29°39'19.14"N  94°22'51.73"E 10549
  Nyingchi (Lintse), hotel  29°39'0.41"N  94°21'52.77"E 9821
6-Jun Nyang river West of Linze (Minivet)  29°42'41.95"N  94°19'32.63"E 9892
  Stop at Buddhist temple  29°50'20.44"N  93°43'4.18"E 12148
  Hanging bridge at Niyang River  29°53'44.57"N  93°34'12.05"E 12429
  Nomad tent  29°52'41.02"N  92°20'4.66"E 15254
  Mila Pass   see above    
  Lhasa Ag station  29°40'36.39"N  91°20'39.94"E 12116
7-Jun Water burial site, Zangpo Jiang 29°19'37.51"N  90°41'8.92"E 11814
  Kampa La (above Yomdrok Tso lake)  29°11'38.84"N  90°37'1.02"E 15778
  Nagarze lunch stop  28°58'0.67"N  90°23'47.43"E 14676
  Karo Pass    28°53'54.74"N  90° 9'50.25"E 16356
  Tashilunpo Monastery  29°16'9.33"N  88°52'6.83"E 12772
  Hotel in Shigatse  29°15'36.73"N  88°53'24.25"E 12602
8-Jun Pala Manor  28°54'11.25"N  89°34'25.67"E 13199
  ruined castle  28°56'47.78"N  89°32'20.66"E 13220
  Gyantse Dzong (fortress)  28°54'55.85"N  89°36'1.44"E 13190
  Karo Pass   see above    
  Yomdrok Tso lake shore with Geese  28°59'42.43"N  90°23'40.16"E 14586
  below Kampa La (flowers) see above    
  Lhasa at night  29°39'14.98"N  91° 6'57.83"E 11983
  Damxhung Grassland  Station  30°29'41.56"N  91° 4'10.22"E 14134
  Stop at viewpoint to Nyainqêntanglha Peak (7162m)  30°16'0.39"N  90°40'41.00"E 15032
  Lalu urban wetland, Lhasa  29°39'52.33"N  91° 4'22.36"E 11955
10-Jun Jokhang Temple, Lhasa  29°39'9.83"N  91° 7'55.36"E 12007








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