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Train ride from Beijing to Lhasa





Long train ride from Beijing to Lhasa:  46 hours,  3,753km


Fun facts:

  • The highest railway in the world. 5,072m, the highest point of the railway.
  • Tanggula Station, 5,068m, the highest railway station in the world.
  •  550 kilometers of the tracks run on permafrost soils






Hard sleeper


                                                                The Hoangho east of Lanzhou


Ordos desert







            The Tibetan students and their provisions





First signs of yaks (in dehydrated form)





Mammals seen from the train in Tibet and Qinghai


Tibetan Fox

Vulpes ferrilata

twice singles


Equus kiang

twice small herds

Tibetan Gazelle 

Procapra picticaudata


Chiru/Tibetan Antelope 

Pantholops hodgsoni

twice small herds

Woolly Hare

Lepus oiostolus

singles several times

Himalayan Marmot

Marmota himalayana

once only




Tibetan Gazelles (Procapra picticaudata)



Chiru/Tibetan Antelopes (Pantholops hodgsoni)    藏羚羊







near the Tanggula Pass







                                                    46 hours later                         (photo Yangjian Zhang)


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