---Hadas' Edible Plants---


Into Amish Country - October 12-14, 2012


with Gilat


Farm in ....





by Google Earth



Eby's farm



first frost of the season

Eby's Holsteiners


young Holsteiners




wet nurse Hadas

photo by Gilat Parag


Panda feeds calf

cows got your tongue?


Buggy envy or "thou shall not lust for your neighbor's mode of transportation"   (photo by Hadas Parag)


"I told you that we don't have a spare horse"









bestest friends?


one of the three sisters


Ranuculus repens




proud eagle


Amish Barn raising at the Choo Choo Barn in Strasburg, PA






Ephrata Cloister (founded by Conrad Beissel in 1732)



soft wood cushions



Sey nicht weise bey dir

selbst ehe du den weg der thorheit durchwandelt

hast. Du mogtest sonst die

thorheit vor weiszheit



(Don't assume yourself to be smart before you went the path of foolishness first.

Otherwise you might be a fool rather than being wise.) 




Ghost of the Pleistocene: armed (original) form of Honey Locust (Gleditsia tricanthos)










Things we brought home











October 14-15, 2005 (with Drora)


Intercourse, PA








Getting a good price



Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum, Lancaster PA




Mennonites near Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, Kleinfeltersville PA




Hawk Mountain, PA


wooden hawk


Out of Cabela's in Hamburg, PA


Cabela's in Hamburg, PA: the one that did not get away


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