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Sandy Hook and above, below & beyond




"I've been a lot of places
Seen pictures of the rest
But of all the places I can think of
I like Jersey best".

                                    John Pizzarelli





Office Christmas Party Aftermath, May 1 2011



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Sandy Hook and
Osos Reserve
Nov. 3, 2013
Osos Reserve, Woodbridge
Nov. 2, 2013
Sandy Hook
Oct. 26, 2013
Sandy Hook
Sept. 29, 2013
Great Swamp
Sept. 28, 2013



Mindowaskin - Westfield, Sept. 27, 2013

Synchronized dabbling (in German: "Köpfchen unter's Wasser, Schwänzchen in die Höh")


Nomahegan Park - Cranford, Sept. 27, 2013

Immature Red-headed Woodpecker



Sandy Hook - Sept. 21, 2013


We have full moon and the spring tide is filling the lagoon at the False Hook.


Polygonella articulata (Sand Jointweed)


Palm Warbler on Solidago sempervirens: the former arrived en force


Laughing Gull immatures: soon they move south


Black Saddlebag (Traema lacerta)


Brown Thrasher: two of a least 15 at the point


Hawkmoth larvae on Euphorbia


Northern Waterthrush at Racoon Alley



Sandy Hook - Sept. 15, 2013


Opuntia humifusa


Common Yellowthroat in Poison Ivy


Field Sparrow

American Golden Plover





Marjo in action


Helianthus petiolaris (Plains Sunflower) with Chrysomelidae,

most likely Diabrotica undecimpunctata  (Spotted Cucumber Beetle)



American Redstart in Catalpa


Cape May - August 25-27, 2013


Immature Little Blue Heron - Brigantine


Osprey nest of the East Pool at Brigantine

Ruby-throated Hummingbird at the Visitors Center at Brig.



Sunset(!)  Beach at Cape May


Pectoral Sandpiper at the Dredge Spoils/Higbee Beach



very "lemony" Northern Waterthrush



Apios americana, groundnut

Carolina Chickadee


Tern & Skimmer flcok at Cape May Point

Forster's and Royal Tern


Royal Terns




Willet (or wouldn't it?)

Black Skimmer and terns (Forster's and Common)





Common Tern (with black-ish bill)



Common Terns



Eurasian Collared Dove at Cape May Point


South Meadow Beach

American Oystercatcher at South Meadow Beach

Ghostcrabs (Ocypode quadrata)at the Cove Beach in Cape May: 2 of hundreds spooking around after dark (and mostly  feeding on mole crabs (Emerita talpoida)




Lighthouse Pond

Kosteletzkya virginica, sea-shore mallow                 Rhexia virginica, common meadow-beauty

Blue Grosbeak                                                Great Crested Flycatcher

Viburnum dentatum


Leaming's Run Gardens



Bamboo thicket



Ruby-throated Humming bird on cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis)



Island Beach State Park



Lone Brown Pelican goeing south




Bayonne, August 23, 2013



Bayonne Golf Club



Black-crowned Night Heron



One World Trade Center, almost done



Sandy Hook, August 18, 2013


Immature Smithsonian Gull (North American Herring Gull)

with adult Great Black-backed Gulls


Lepiota mushrooms (Lepiota cf. rhacodes or Chlorophyllum molybdites))




Meadowlands - July 27, 2013


Willow Flycatcher



Return to the Pine Lands - July 20, 2013


Oswego River near Martha


Eastern Wood Peewee

Eastern Wood Peewee


Eastern Fence Lizard

Eastern Fence Lizard

Eastern Fence Lizard male




Martha (ghost town):

This Catalpa tree hosted the only cultural pastime once available in this long gone iron town.  Known as the 'Mouse Stage', it was here where tame and specially trained deer mice perfomed in public plays every Sunday afternoon. These tiny rodents, typically in full dress, were experts at parodies and farce plays. However, the full prerformance of  Hamlet with a cast of 35 different mice all in tiny historic costumes, performed on July 4 1812, was what made the 'Mouse Stage' a legend in history.

 All what is left from these days of splendor is this strange hole in the tree.  


Botany Bog (home of at least 6 carnivorous plant species)


Sarracenia purpurea and Drosera intermedia


Drosera intermedia


Drosera rotundifolia



Sarracenia seedlings


Hadas having a major (bog)  breakthrough


Hm, le'mme think, where did I put my (many) glasses?

Yellow-sided Skimmer (Libellula flavida)



Elfin Skimmer (Nannothemis bella), with .8 "smallest dragonfly in NJ?



Newark - July 11, 2013



Lunch in Officio: Kohlrabi

that reminds me: Hadas does not only grows vegetables (and collects all kind of often edible plants - she also grows a website about this now (click on Kohlrabi)



Sandy Hook - July 4, 2103


Harvesting Salicornia maritima (=europaea)


Eastern Towhee on Ilex opaca


possible Arctic Tern (left) see link with documentation, note the brilliant alternate Sanderling



American Oystercatchers




Piping Plover: likely a female adult


Piping Plover: juvenile (all three following photos)


another edible plant here: Cakile edentula (Sea rocket).

 Piping Plovers are protected and therefore practically non-edible





Bob (the Builder) builds a countertop -  June 30, 2013


Four-century house (Lincoln Park, NJ) - bought by Bob Breitinger's grandfather in 1901

Ground level from early 18th century; 2nd floor added in 1793; 3rd floor added in the late 19th century



the wood is red oak; 1st step: picking similar-thickness wood from the pile in the shed on the other side of the road; 2nd step: transporting it in a small cart hitched to a tiny John Deere tractor; step 3: cutting each piece to 2 inches longer than the finished length.


step 3: planing one of the narrow sides




step 4: sowing the other side of the board so that the board is of constant width



sowing a wide board in the intention to use only the resulting board without a crack

(see the crack on the left side)


step 5: planing the other narrow side


step 6: planing the wide sides - very noisy machine

future steps (Bob will do them at another time):

step 7: correct the angle of the boards to a perfect 90 degrees

step 8: make 5 slots along the narrow sides of the boards.

step 9: insert "biscuits" (oval wooden chips) into the slots. Apply glue to the slots, biscuits, and board sides. Biscuits will expand as the glue dries.

step 10: cut the resulting wide board to its final size

next steps, we will come over and do ourselves:

step 11: sand the surfaces

step 12: round the edges

step 13: treat the wood with a finishing solvent

step 14: transport it home and place on the kitchen "island" cabinet




Manhattan from Hoboken - June 29, 2013





The cursed Hampton Furnace, June 23-24, 2013






Fowler's Toad


Golden Crest (Lophiola aurea/americana),

Haemodoraceae, Liliaceae, Tecophilaeaceae, Nartheciaceae ?????




Drosera intermedia


Rubber Foot (mythical creature)


Cedar Waxwings in the rain



possible flyby Jersey Devil (or Common Nighthawk)




diagnosis: vapor lock



Pelagic trip out of Highlands -  June 9, 2013

















High Point - June 2, 2013


Sawmill Pond at High Point SP


Cerulean Warbler at Sawmill Pond (one of targets and #360 of year 2013 )



Cat Swamp



Blackburnian Warbler at Kuser Bog (#362)


Magnolia and Canada Warbler  (#  363) at Kuser Bog


Calla palustris at Kuser Bog


Painted Skimmer (?) Libellula cf. semifasciata


Distant bobcat staring down a squirrel .

When I tried to sneak up it stated to pounce on its prey and disappeared.



Belongs here: Common Raven at High Point


Subalpine vegetation at High Point Monument


Potentilla tridenta, Three-toothed Cinquefoil, mountaintop species



Indigo Bunting at High Point Monument







Negri-Nepote Grasslands, Franklin Tswp - June 1, 2013


A hot morning in the green prairies



Grasshopper Sparrow





Dickcissel, a rare breeder in NJ, since 2011 this species has attempted (or succeeded?) to breed here.


Greek Festival in Cranford, May 31, 2013



Liberty State Park, May 31, 2013


Killdeer nest on the soil fill area


Spotted Sandpiper at the soil fill area.

The behavior of this guy (broken-wing display) pointed to a nest nearby



Festuca pratenis in full flower!


Westfield, May 29, 2013


They are coming! No - they are here!

17-year cicada (brood II)

Bob Dylan (1970) could have made his famous mistake again.



Dylan, B. (1970): The day of the locust.
















Cape May and Delaware Bay - May 17-18, 2013


May 18




May 17










Brigantine - May 16, 2013


Another famous man: Sandy Komito,

who say the most birds in North America within a year, ever!


Rutgers - May 14, 2013


                                                                                                                Photo: H. Parag

Richard Leakey talked at the Wildlife Crime Symposium of the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice.


Semi-grim take home message: 

1. Ignorance: fight the ignorance of the ones who can afford to act on their enlightenment (don't buy fur and ivory, etc.).

2. Poverty: build 'good fences' to separate valuable wildlife from the ones who are too poor not to poach.




Newark-  May 10, 2013


any day now, Prudential will rock this down soon.





Upstate NJ! - May 5, 2013


Lake Wapalanne


Pileated Woodpecker looking for carpenter ants



(Myrtle)Yellow-rumped Warbler: eastern Form





Northern Water Snake


Wood Turtle


Remote controlled Wood Turtle





Newark, April 19, 2013 - Branch Brook Park




Forsythia x intermedia (Oleaceae),

 named after William Forsyth (17371804) a Scottish botanist. The genus was named by Linne's student  Martin Henrichsen Vahl (1749 804) a Danish-Norwegian botanist and zoologist .

Now you know!



Even the sparrows are in full flower - White-throated Sparrow


"Urban Wilderness" at Branch Brook Park


Epimedium cf. versicolor (Podophyllaceae, former Berberidaceae) -

 that took me a while to figure out




Delaware April 13-14, 2013:  ESA Midatlantic Meeting and Bombay Hook



late Tundra Swan



scary  fiddle neck (right Kim?)



non-native spring: Muscari botryoides


the Painted Turtle we did not pancake


Purple Martin: they are back




Cheesequake SP & Morgan Flats, Apr. 7, 2013


Double-crested Cormorant at Cheesequake SP


Black-headed Gull at Morgan Ave. Flats, finally my first NJ bird



Barnegat Light, Mar.3, 2013






Harlequin Duck (and drake)



Atlantic Brant



Ruddy Turnstone



Ipswich subspecies of Savannah Sparrow



Red-throated Loon (the German and scientific name fits better in winter:

"stared", stellata





Red-breasted Merganser



Bad hair day




Long-tailed Ducks (Oldsquaws)






The outlet (gat), New Jersey's longest rocky intertidal coast


Species list as submitted to eBird

Brant  30

Common Eider  10

Harlequin Duck  19

Surf Scoter  1

Black Scoter  10   (flybys)

Long-tailed Duck  300

Bufflehead  98

Red-breasted Merganser  15

Red-throated Loon  6

Common Loon  12

Northern Gannet  2

Great Cormorant  6

Ruddy Turnstone  4

Purple Sandpiper  45

Dunlin  15

Ring-billed Gull  5

Herring Gull  X

Great Black-backed Gull  X

Razorbill  2

Savannah Sparrow (Ipswich)  1



Belmar pelagic, Feb.3, 2013

Scott Barnes' Report


The cold, gray-blue desert: an empty sea, almost.


Razorbill                                            Common Murre



Floating dead/dying herring: a blotched fishing operation (as some thought?)


Part of the dead fish slick:  Striped Bass


Scott Barnes (in his red-capped paulagic plumage) explains the sea world


Gulls like the chum slick: including a single Iceland Gull (center right)


Iceland Gull




A darker mantled "Herring Gull" in full alternate plumage, note the steeper forehead and the generally more rounded head in comparison to the Smithsonian (Herring) Gull in the front.


the same gull



Great Swamp, Jan.27, 2013


Rough-legged Hawk


Barred Owl



Bronx Zoo, Jan.26, 2013


Young Siberian Tigers (several month old)


Ocellated Turkey: looking skinny and un-edible


Spur-winged Plover chick


Racket-tailed Roller


Black-faced Ibis


Giant (?) Tree Frog



Hermit Thrush (free!)


Whooper Swan


Pere David Deer


Lesser Scaup


Bearded Reedling


Grizzly Bears


Indian Peacock


Malayan Tapirs


Capercaillie hen


Inca Terns


Flying Streamer Duck





A muddy pasture in New Egypt, Ocean County, Jan.17, 2013





preparations the night before



4th record for NJ and largest "flock" ever":  Northern Lapwing


two of them

all 3 of them


They were mostly foraging on the wet pasture, but this one balanced for some time on the bull's horn, obviously looking for parasites 


with 2 Sandhill Cranes on the pasture as well, a singing White-crowned Sparrow and passing American Pipit I am now at 105 species for 2013.



Historic Longstreet Farm & , Holmdel Park,

Holmdel NJ (Monmouth County) Jan.13,2013




Oncometopia cf. orbona  Broad-headed sharpshooter,

a species of Leafhopper, Hemiptera.

Holmdel Park, Monmouth Co, NJ. Jan.13,2013




Frank contractin' (photo Hadas Parag)



East German product:  shop in Westfield, Jan.12, 2013



Great Swamp - January 5, 2013:

                                        a failed attempt to reach 100 birds (for the year)



Closely failed (if that's a term) only: on a bright sunny and rather mild (above freezing) I dipped on the reported Rough-legged Hawks but got 12 "new year" birds: Tufted Titmouse, Black-capped Chickadee, White-breasted Nuthatch , Fox Sparrow, Northern Harrier, American Kestrel,  Eastern Bluebird, Northern Flicker , Hairy Woodpecker, Red-shouldered Hawk, Great Horned Owl (3 calling), and finished up with the highlight: a hunting Short-eared Owl at late dusk but rather close by. 99 birds in 2013 so far.


Eastern Bluebird

Red (no: not headed)-bellied Woodpecker


Fox Sparrow


A vole close under the feeders at the blind


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