---Hadas' Edible Plants---

  Bill and Bea Levidow's
70 anniversary!
as they were in Nov 4, 1943

and at Morristown Folk Dance's Halloween party a few years ago,
with the theme "The Sea" - photo by Robert Roper

the photo on a cake
(read below for an explanations about the pink blobs...)

and finally Bill and Bea AND the cake

(notice the cake on the right -
Maria's log cake in honor of Steve's birthday - as superb in flavor as it is pretty.)

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if you have the patience/curiosity for the full story, proceed reading below:

At about mid-October an e-mail sent from Bill and Bea Levidow's daughter and son, Nancy and Les, was sent, informing us that Nov. 4th will be the Bs 70th anniversary! Our knowledge of it was to be kept secret, until that day, when the Bs would receive a large stack of greeting cards from all of us. The e-mail found its way to many of our dancers, helped by Maria who spread the secret message by phone.


Party night at the Morristown Folk Dance is 2 days later, and I thought it would be nice if I made a special cake for the occasion. Then I remembered the technology of putting a photo on a cake, and thought it would be nice to put the Bs wedding photo on the cake.


Unfortunately I could not get that photo. Les and Nancy did not have it. I was contemplating how to enter the Bs house, borrow the photo, scan it and return it. Or maybe once on Monday they know that we know, I can find an excuse to ask them to borrow the photo.


Or - use a (much) more recent photo.

Flipping through the pages of several albums of photos - thanks to Robert Roper photography and mounting the photos in the albums - I chose the photo from the Halloween party with the Sea theme. Bill wore his navy uniform - close enough to the formal navy uniform he got married in.


Next challenge - finding a place that will make an edible print with this photo on it. Internet sources allow submitting electronically, but might not have been ready in time. The bakery at Shprite near my house said that they will do it in 10 minutes for $8; Walmart said they do not do it, but suggested that I contact BJ. Surprisingly not only I do not need to be a member of the club, but they would do it for free!


By this time I already decided on the cake - an Israeli recipe for a chocolate cake, using sour cream in it. Though called "brownies", it is not as dense as brownies, and I thought it would work well as a frosted sheet cake.


For frosting I experimented with a variation of cream cheese frosting, as I hate very oily and sugary frosting. It has to be applied very smoothly, because any creases in the frosting will prevent the edible paper from adhering to the cake.


What I found out is that the edible paper melts into the frosting after a while. The ink is still nice and bright, but the creases in the frosting become visible in the photo. My result was not perfect, but it looked good enough.


The last touch was to cover the margins of the edible sheet. My solution was to drip little flowers of a pink color frosting achieved by mixing some beach plum jam into the cream cheese frosting. The color and flavor were superb, but for some reason (maybe the effect of the beach plums on the cheese?) the pink frosting was too liquidy and the flowers were just amorphic blobs. But there were 70 of these blobs!

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