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Pisum sativum
family Fabaaceae
June (July) 2013
sown on April 13 ("it's too late for peas!", said the Hungarian gardener) in my garden in Cook Campus, New Brunswick. A whole row, 4 varieties: snow, snap, 2 varieties of shelling peas. Luckily we had a long period of cool weather, and the plants grew slowly.

I was still picking peas in the beginning of July - this is what they looked like then.

the first to reach edible stage were the "Oregon" snow peas - eaten with the pod, remain flat

"Sugar Daddy" snap peas - eaten with the pod. The pod is round, but sweet and not fibery. This is an excellent variety. They taste good when small, but remain tasty when larger, and if the pod is already tough, the peas can be eaten.

                       "Oregon" snow peas             "Sugar Daddy" snap peas          "Little Marvel" shelling peas
comparative photo of three varieties

I grew also a shelling pea variety called "Wando". They were ready for harvest later than "Little Marvel", and probably a less good variety - bearing less fruits and not as tasty.

Since the shelling peas are eaten at a more mature stage - with the peas having reached the largest size, but not yet starting to dry - the shelling peas were the last to be ready for harvest.

What to do with peas?
       Eat fresh as a snack
               Give to people
       Bring as a treat to a dance
               Steam and freeze for later use
       Add to a vegetable salad

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