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Lactuca sativa
family Asteraceae
July 5, 2013
This year the weather was cooler than usual until late June, so I can still harvest lettuce at this time (normally by now it will have bolted or bittered or just wilted).

lettuce in my garden - mostly visible in this photo is the Romaine variety;
I also have Buttercrunch

on the other hand, the letuce developed long stems.

As I was removing the leaves from the stems,
I remembered that in the past I grew

celtuce (internet image)
- a variety of lettuce (same species) that has been selected for forming a tall, thick (up to 4cm) stem. The leaves are only edible when very young - they are too bitter when larger - and the stems are harvested, peeled, and stir-fried. Tastes more like asparagus than cellery.

well, I went ahead and tried to eat my lettuce stems the same way!

my lettuce stems - stripped of leaves.
then I peeled them and steamed them - tastes good!

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