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  Vaccinium corymbosum L.
highbush blueberry
family Ericaceae
July 5, 2013
  On June 24th I ate early-ripened blueberries in the Hampton Furnace area at the deep Pine Barrens. By today, my biological clock was itching to go out to my Abundance spot, vicinity of Lakewood (Pine Barrens Light).

Seems that I could have waited another week for peak production. Picking was slow because of this and because of the abundance of aggressive mosquitoes. Yet I came home with a 3/4 bucket-full (about 5 liters / 1.3 gallons)

blueberries in the bucket

instant dessert:
blueberries, yogurt (which I make myself), halva threads (bought in Israel)

Blueberry pie
use any pie crust
line 9 inch pie pan with crust
pour 550 grams blueberries into it
mix 1/2 cup sugar, 1/8 cup flour, dash salt
sprinkle over blueberries
cover with crust; seal, make slits; bake

Brownies with blueberries, topped wiblueberry whipped cream

Valerie's favorite brownies recipe

made for party night at Morristown Folk Dance July 10, 2013
to honor Bill Levidow's birthday - shown in the photo below at the dance,
eating the cake:

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