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Xinjiang - China June 2012




Urumqi - June 11, 2012


Satellite square near our hotel.



Urumqi - June 12, 2012

Early morning exploration of a park not too far from the hotel.



The wished for life bird found quite easily: Azur Tit



Black Wagtails here are tame, common and quite smart looking

(M. a. personata subspecies, aka Masked Wagtail)





Urumqi - June 12, 2012

Xinjiang Museum





The famous Loulan Beauty (now 3800 years old)









International Bazaar and Erdaoqiao market





























Urumqi - June 13, 2012

Birding at the Botanical Garden

(or birding at the eastern outpost of the Western Palearctic)


Birdlist: click here



The Hoopoe,


the (Eurasian) Cuckoo and ...


the (Rufous-tailed) Shrike.  This adult male is a typical Lanius isabellinus phoenicuroides, sometimes considered as separate species: Turkestan Shrike (Lanius phoenicuroides)



plus the Mistle Thrush (in your face)


Barred Warbler (photo Diane Larson), this Sylvia warbler was quite common.


European Goldfinch (photo Diane Larson) - this species is is not included in

MacKinnon and Phillipps' China bird guide.  This western species is however spreading into Xinjiang since 1995 (see the notes in the bird list).



June 13 & 14: The serious symposium days














dancing with the fan ladies


to be continued ...



Trip into the Junggar Basin - June 15, 2012


Ulmus stands in washes at the northern base of the Tienshan




Przewalski's Horse Station


44o12'19.30"N, 88o44'58.70"E, elev. 1906 ft (actual)









Stop in the stabilized dunes


 4438'25.36"N 8850'42.53"E, elev. 1680 (estimated)






Toad-head agama (Phrynocephalus spec.)

















Intrepid desert navigators



'Gobi' Stop


4454'32.56"N 89 3'38.45"E, elev. 2122 ft (location estimated)











Just when we boarded  the bus again Kevin Badik found the bird of the day: a Ground Jay! Here are Kevin's pictures that  confirm the identification : Mongolian Ground-Jay  (Podoces hendersoni ) and not the more local  Xinjiang G. (P. biddulphi)  which has  a mostly white tail and a black chin and throat.




From the Handbook of Birds of the World:  there are only 4 Ground-Jay species in the world, that day we saw 25%!  70 Mongolian (Henderson's) Ground-Jay, 71 Xinjian (Biddulph's) Ground-Jay, 

72 Pander's Ground Jay, 73 Pleske's Ground-Jay

Source: dos Anjos, L., S. J. S. Debus, et al. (2009). Family Corvidae (Crows). Handbook of the bird of the World. J. del Hoyo, A. Elliott and D. A. Christie. Barcelona, Lynx Edicions. 14. Bush-shrikes to Old World Sparrow: 494-640.





even Barry needs a rest



Erin takes Urumqi



Erin and band and their manager


Erin and band & the dancing Tajiks draw a crowd


All is clear with Captain Jake at the helm



Trip to the middle slopes of the Tien Shan (Nanshan Xiejiagou)

June 17, 2012


"The centre of the Asian continent"


Barney and the law (not "Barney's Law")








Even Stan Smith bows to an invader at home:

Peganum harmala (known as African Rue in its invaded range - SW USA)



Solanum rostratum




Nanshan Xiejiagou


(click for birdlist)


 4329'28.43"N  87 2'37.15"E, elev.7029 (actual location)







Fire-fronted Serin


Common Rosefinch singing (but not being rosy)


Lousy records shot of target bird: the striking Roufous-backed Redstart




China Jeep Club outing



Nevada table


Central Asia/Siberia table






Kazakh jurts


handsome goat



Endophytically-turned toxic grass (anybody knows what species it is, Festuca?)




Peking Duck restaurant in Urumqi



Urumqi - June 18, 2012


Birding the Botanical Gardens with Ian (the Aussie)


East meets West:  Oriental Turtle Dove and Eurasian Cuckoo


Bromus japonicus at home


Scene from a Chinese movie ...


Bazaar in Urumqi









Uyghur dance show at the Quan Jude Tian Shan Hotel






me happily leaving the stage


Dervish dance





The laymen cast celebrates themselves




Tian Chi trip - June 19. 2012


Bird list (click here)
















.. always trying to match my shirts to the landscape (photo taken by my new friend Arafat)

and keeping an eye on the sky (Himalaya Griffons, Booted Eagle and lots of Black-eared Kites). Lake is at 1900m
















                                Bogda Peak or Bogda Feng: 5445m, 17 864 feet


Willow Tit: this is likely Parus montanus songarus (Songar Tit) of Central Asia,

often considered a full species


Coal Tit: Parus ater aemodius,

the W China subspecies that sports a slight crest






Turpan (Tulufan) - June 20, 2012


The wine trellis-clad pedestrian mall in Turfan



Proper hydration is key at 43oC (110oF)


I can't get over the prettiness of the personata subspecies

of the Masked (White) Wagtail


The quaint interior of the Turpan Hotel



The Grand Turpan Tour with Abdul - day one


Karez site  (overly developed)







Jiaohe, ancient silk road town










River valley at the ancient silk road town of Jiaohe


On the road in the Turpan desert oasis: poplars are the key



Turpan Eremophytes Botanical Garden




How low can a garden get? "TEBG is the lowest elevation garden in the world"



Calligonum arborescens: beautiful fruit indeed


wind dispersal




Spanish Sparrow:  most sparrows here were Eurasian Tree Sparrows,

some House Sparrows and just a few were these.

Unfortunately I did not find any Saxaul Sparows (despite a lot of saxaul shrubs).

Would have been neat to see 4 Passer species ...


Emin Minaret (1777 A.D.)



Elli, the soccer elephant helps us to keep clean



Eurasian Collared Dove, native here (but not in the US)


mother teaches how to properly order "2 beer"



fine dining




South and West of Turpan - June 21, 2012



Ading Lake, lowest point in China, hotest point:

China 49.7 C (118 F) Ading Lake, Turpan, Xinjiang, China 2008-08-03]


(Death Valeey 56.7C (134F), Lybia 57.8 C (136 F)


un-ID-ed lizard near the lowest place of China






"Who are you exactly?"


Ahmet and his daughter




Self portrait at the very edge (shore?) of the Kumutag (Desert), a 50 km expense of shifting dunes reminiscent of the real Taklamakan.


Turpan - June 22, 2012



And here's my entry to the Pulitzer Prize:

"The Uighur baker's daughter guarding the cash box"




at the local 'The HomeDepot'



Fan club



Local wildlife



In the new Turpan Museum:

Paraceratherium lepdium (Oligocene, Turpan Basin),

the largest terrestrial mammal that ever roamed Earth




view of the Tien Shan on the bus ride back to Urumqi


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