eBird Report - Urumqi Botanical Garden, June 12 to 18, 2012

Urumqi Botanical Garden, CN-65


Comments:     Visited People Park on June 12, 13 and 18 &  Botanical Garden June 13, 14 and 18, report here is summary of all visits


21 species


Little Ringed Plover  1     calling, flyover

Rock Pigeon  X

Oriental Turtle-Dove  10

Common Cuckoo  20

Common Swift  30

Eurasian Hoopoe  15

Rufous-tailed Shrike  20     phoenicuroides (Turkestan Shrike)

Carrion Crow  1

Barn Swallow  X

Great Tit  10

Azure Tit  10     2 seen in the Botanical  Garden, more frequent in adjacent People's  Park

Barred Warbler  10

Common Nightingale  1

Eurasian Blackbird  30

Mistle Thrush  10

Gray Wagtail  1

White Wagtail (Masked)  25

Common Rosefinch  5

European Greenfinch  10    

     about 10 individuals, at least one pair with fledglings,

     according to Ma (2010) this species is spreading in Xinjiang, first record in

     China was 1994.


    Ma, Ming  (2010)  Bird expansion to east and the variation of geography distribution in Xinjiang, 

     China: cases of the invasive species as greenfinch and myna. Journal Arid Land Geography 33:



House Sparrow  10

Eurasian Tree Sparrow  X


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