---Hadas' Edible Plants---

  Bahamas 2007




Red-legged Thrush (Turdus plumbeus), Rand Nature Center, Grand Bahamas,

 Nov. 23 2007


Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola), Owl Hole Beach, Grand Bahamas, Nov. 24 2007


Reddish Egret (Egretta fufescens), Gold Rock Creek, Grand Bahamas, Nov.25 2007


Grand Bahama: November 21-26 2007


We, Nov 21-2007

Flight to Orlando and Freeport/Bahama

After picking up of rental car to Rand Nature Centre lifers - stripe-headed tanager, red-legged thrush, thick-billed vireo,

Black-faced grassquit, cuban emerald- other good species least grebe, white-crowned pigeon, ...

Checkin into hotel: Royal Palm Resort [N26 32.311 W78 41.705], first 'beach' at Freeport south

Dinner at Port Lucaya Marketplace- The Pub (at the marina)


Th, Nov 22-2007

Early birding at Bridle Path (including the old wet part)

Garden of the Groves [now abandoned]

Lucayan National  Park [both loops] and swimming at Gold Rock Beach - lifer in coppice near beach = Bananaquits

Pine Forest north of Owl Hole turnoff

Dinner at The Pub


Fr, Nov 23-2007

Post Office

Rand Nature Center - 4 lifer = bahama yellowthroat, la sagra's flycatcher, zenaida dove, Bahama mockingbird

Drive to Westend -among other things piles of conch shells in the fishing harbor

Dinner at The Pub


Sa, Nov 24-2007

Early birding at Bridle Path -lifer Greater Antillean Bullfinch

Market and shopping

Drive east to Dover Sound and Owl Hole [N26 35.258 W78 28.198] and beach beyond [N26 35.066 W78 27.945] -swimming

Pine Forest north of owl hole turnoff [coordinate of turnoff: N26 36.547 W78 28.719]

Dinner at The Pub - fried conch (and takeout desert from Becky's - duff and rum cake)


Su Nov 25-2007

Rain in the morning,

Lucayan NP [upper area only ]

Drive eastwards with stops

Pine forest east of South Riding Point [N26 38.955 W78 06.674], good birds including lifer Olive-capped warbler

Stop at rocky beach nearby [N26 38.634 W78 06.913], rocky tide pools -Wilson's Plover 8, Piping plover 7

Drive eastwards until Mc Lean's Town

Back with late lunch stop at before mentioned beach (fishing osprey)

Evening swim at 'owl hole beach' with some rain

Dinner at The Pub


Mo, Nov 26-2007

Early birding Queen's Cove, Harbor

Packing and checking out

Hadas - Fortune Beach

Claus - brief stop at abandoned golf course near Garden of the Groves - Rand Nature Centre - Stripe-headed tanager, Bananaquit, Black-faced Grasquit, Cuban Emerald, Bahamas yellowthroat, Red-legged thrush, Thick-billed vireo

- car return, flight back, 2 hours delay in Ft Lauderdale


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