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  Out West

Feb. to Mar. 2013



Pinnacles National Monument & Monterey to LA  - April 3, 2013



This is condor 340, he was born in 2004 in the Portland Zoo and released at Bitter Creek NWR.  He is currently mated to the first Central California wild born condor (444) and they are nesting at Pinnacles this year.


(see http://www.nps.gov/pinn/naturescience/profiles.htm)




Monterey - April 2, 2013


Humpbacks galore out on Monterey Bay


Fulmar days


Monterey- April 1, 2013


Does this fur make me look fat? - Harbor Seal at Point Lobos


jus' float'n (Sea Otters at Moss Landing)


Buttonwillow to Monterey- March 31, 2013


near Buttonwillow, pot of gold implied


Gordon (the fluffy the eSeal) of Piedras Blancas


reluctant and tentative symbiosis - Snowy Egret and Northern Elephant Seal


Barstow to Buttonwillow - March 30, 2013


mural in Barstow


Yellow-headed Blackbird, California City



Fort Irwin- March 29, 2013



Side-blotch Lizard


Mojave Patch-nosed Snake (Salvadora hexalepis mojavensis)



Opal Fire Site and Rainbow Basin- March 27, 2013


bye bye tortoise!

hello tortoise!


Fort Irwin- March 26, 2013


The March 2013 team


Horned Lark, a bit of Old World in the New



Fort Irwin - March 25, 2013


Gopher Snake - or why I am happy not to be a tiny rodent


Long-nosed Leopard Lizard


Havasu City to Barstow - March 24, 2013


2 dragons at the Amboy Crater



Ajo to Havasu City - March 23, 2013



Chuckwalla girl at the Lower Colorado River




Cliff Swallows at Gilliespie Bridge, Gila Bend/Buckeye AZ


Roadrunner Cafe, Ajo AZ


Barry M Goldwater Range March 22, 2013


Desert Iguana


Cysteodemus armatus


BMG - March 21, 2013



Marjo hard at work, or - as we call it here out West - "guarding the equipment".


Research: taking complicated optical measurements



Lisa and Bart Simpson (when they were wee little babies [Horned Toads] )




BMG - March 20, 2013


Hadas and the giant Horny Toad









Organ Pipe Nat. Mon. - March 19, 2013


BMG - March 18, 2013


BMG - March 17, 2013


BMG - March 16, 2013


BMG - March 15, 2013


Barstow to Phoenix - March 14, 2013


Fort Irwin - March 13, 2013


Fort Irwin- March 12, 2013


Fort Irwin - March 11, 2013


Sedwick to Barstow & Bitter Creek, Mar.10, 2013




Sedgwick - Mar.10, 2013


Western Bluebird of happiness


Beauty of the oak savanna, Yellow-billed Magpie


Golden-crowned Sparrow


Sedgwick, Mar.9, 2013


Bruce Mahall's retirement party, see link



Wrentit near Lake Cachuma



LA to Santa Barbara Pt. Dume - Mar.8, 2013



California Grey Whale close to Point Dume


Thar she blow, again!




Feeding California Grey Whale close to shore



Thar she blows!



Calico - Feb.16, 2013



Alter Westmann
























Parker, Williams River - Feb.17, 2013















Salton Sea - Feb.22-24, 2013














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