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SouthWest Arizona 2012


Arid SW in 2013


Barry M. Goldwater Range, February 2012




This time we saw good numbers of these beetles going (and flying) around. 


According to this source


they are Red-eared Blister Beetles ( Lytta auriculata, family Meloidae).


"Meloidae, or Blister Beetles, are common insects found on flowers especially during spring time in the Sonoran Desert. They feed on the petals and pollen as adults but live an entirely different life as immature larvae. The adults tend to have bright, aposomatic coloration set off by black. This is a warning that these beetles often contain noxious or poisonous compounds; birds and other insectivores tend to avoid meloids.

The larvae are parasitic in the nests of ground nesting bees or other ground nesting insects. The tiny, first stage larvae are mobile and seek out a suitable host. Once they attach to a host they become immobile drawing sustenance as they grow."





Fort Irwin - Mojave Desert, CA, June 2011 NTC Mission Video





                                                                                                                    photo: Hadas Parag









one rain-out shelter


some rain-out shelters



many rain-out shelters
















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clockwise from top left:  Loggerhead Shrike, White-crowned Sparrow, Sage Sparrow, Black-throated Sparrow, Sage Trasher, Horned Lark, Say's Phoebe




San Gabriel Mountains - Oct. 15,  2011




Clark's Nutcracker feeding on Limber Pine seeds (Pinus flexilis)





Velvet Ant Dasymutilla cf. sackenii

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