---Hadas' Edible Plants---


Sailing on the Mavrodaphne


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The ship


The route


first dinner in the mess










under full sail - the movie (click here) not working yet!


at the Oste estuary


The run for Cuxhaven - the film (click here) not working yet



Storm coming: Captain Karin runs the ship to Cuxhaven




Emmas or/and Clauses (see link)


Harbour Wood Pigeon


Harbour wildlife


colourful dike




Sandwich and Common Terns near the Kugelbarke


appropriate reading


Otterndorf Harbor entry


long ship


Clear signs of danger


Otterndorf Aussendeich


Otterndorf city


Old salt


correct knots


Last breakfast on board (note that I, common foremast-man,

had the honor to sit a the Captains' table!)


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