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Hamburg and Wedel - July 12 and 13, 2012




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ARRIVAL: Claus und Emma (Black-headed Gulls) at Berliner Tor



Christian Morgenstern, 1871-1914


Die Möwen sehen alle aus,
als ob sie Emma hießen.
Sie tragen einen weißen Flaus
und sind mit Schrot zu schießen.
  Ich schieße keine Möwe tot,
ich laß sie lieber leben -
und füttre sie mit Roggenbrot
und rötlichen Zibeben.


O Mensch, du wirst nie nebenbei
der Möwe Flug erreichen.
Wofern du Emma heißest, sei
zufrieden, ihr zu gleichen.



Moewe Claus from Theodor Storm (1888): Der Schimmelreiter



Estuary of the Wedeler Aue


Rewilding ante portas: subadult White-tailed Eagle




also still here: White Stork and electricity


in the living room of the sheep




typical northern German face



First real meal (and beer) in Germany: Matjesfilet Hausfrauenart (on black bread!)

at the Faehrmannssand Inn. Necessary stop to wait out the rain.



Sizing up: European Jackdaw and Black-headed Gull



July 13, 2012 - Hamburg


Vollkorn paradise


Even the Street Pigeons are decent in Hamburg


The famed and little explored 1st floor (that is 2nd in other parts of the world) at Ernst Brendler:

marine and tropics outfitter since 1879



Charles appears to be worried


Old friends in the 'Zoologisches Museum Hamburg'.

these guys were in the Altonaer Museum previously and I know them since the 60s  


Yaks by Alfred Hesse (1904-1988). Exhibition 'Eingefangen mit dem Auge'

at the 'Zoologisches Museum Hamburg'


University area street scene


At Leuschner's in Rissen near the lighthouse




Frauke, Nils and Christoph (note the Fagetum in the background)


Prof. Dr. Leuschner (Baumforscher) explains the lunar dependency of the tides

 that shape the river Elbe (in the background)



July 15, 2012


Karin, Nils and Brenda having the (in-)famous "Kaesepfanne"


The real stuff, with Holzapfel wine (www.holzapfel.at) and real Holzapfel (traveled all the way

from Brandenburg)


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