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Brandenburg & Berlin


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July 14, 2012. Brandenburg


Drama at the watering hole: the mighty top predator enjoys a drink and feels save, but ...


Igor von der Nordwand (note the mountain lion in upper left)


Rue Gaudi and his crazy cathedral


Dr. KleinClaus meets Drs. GrossKlaus (photo Prof.Dr. Prasse)





Local markets





Barman Ruediger




Brandenburg native tribal dance


The lottery price I forgot to claim




July 15, 2012. still Brandenburg: Stangenhagen and environs




The frugal breakfast table so typical for the countryside



The frugal breakfast table at the countryside (detail with focus on carbs and proteins)


Alfred and Else and listed plant community






My origins: from the making of: 'Crab apple goes on tour'

(camera: Prof.Dr. Prasse)


'Holzapfel faehrt mit' ('Crab apple goes on tour"): still from the same-titled movie


Scene from "Holzapfel faehrt mit":  the scary encounter with the brutal snail gang




Red-backed Shrike




Maerkische buffaloes




Rue all dressed in Zeiss




Berlin - July 15, 2012


Since when does Esher design train stations? The new Berlin Hbf





Traveling exhibition "Wild Wonders of Europe"



City fauna (Hooded Crow)


City flora (Artemisia and Ailanthus)


traveling City people (Homo sapiens)




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